About Borkology
Learn how we got here, and what we're all about
Kindness, empathy, and positive reinforcement
There are a lot of training resources online, but there's also a lot of misinformation and outdated advice. Borkology is here to help you sort through it all and find the best way to train your dog using modern methods; that means building a great relationship with your dog, meeting them where they are and helping to align their own goals with yours.
Cinder the Barbet
The story behind Borkology

Borkology is a labor of love created by myself, Alex, and my wife Kelsey while raising our lovely Barbet puppy, Cinder. We were fortunate to have access to some amazing force-free trainers, and Kelsey's diligent research provided us with all of the tools we needed to succeed. Even so, there were times, often in the middle of the night, when we found ourselves facing challenges that had us at our wit's end.

We found that it was helpful to have a tool that gave us effective strategies during these difficult times. Borkology often gave us advice that we already knew, but hearing that advice when we were too tired or too stressed to remember proved to be incredibly valuable. Sometimes we just need a calm, knowledgeable friend to help us through difficult times.

We hope that you find Borkology just as helpful.

Force free training
We all want our dogs to be happy. Research has brought us the good news that aligning our dogs behavior with our own goals is most effectively done in a way that is kind, fun, and rewarding for them.
Aversive training methods, on the other hand, have been shown to have harmful side-effects for our dogs' well-being, our relationship with them and their behavior.
We focus 100% on force free methods, using only positive reinforcement to provide the best results possible, building beautiful relationships along the way.
What we offer
We offer a thoughtfully crafted AI training consultant to help you with your needs while staying true to a philosophy of kindness; your very own on-call specialist who always has time for you.
We also curate collections of quality books, articles, research and tools from a variety of sources.
Our goal is to help connect all of the most helpful and philosophically aligned resources in a way that makes them easy to navigate, understand, and integrate into your life.